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      English Composition I

      You will gain a foundation for college-level writing valuable for nearly any field.





      32 小時

      • 英語, 法語, 西班牙語
      • 2374


      You will gain a foundation for college-level writing valuable for nearly any field. Students will learn how to read carefully, write effective arguments, understand the writing process, engage with others’ ideas, cite accurately, and craft powerful prose.

      Course Learning Objectives
      ? Summarize, analyze, question, and evaluate written and visual texts
      ? Argue and support a position
      ? Recognize audience and disciplinary expectations
      ? Identify and use the stages of the writing process
      ? Identify characteristics of effective prose
      ? Apply proper citation practices
      ? Discuss applying your writing knowledge to other writing occasions


      Essay Writing

      English Language

      Academic Writing



      完成時間為 1 小時
      The Writing Process
      To start our course, we will examine your own writing process and what it means to respond to the writing of others. We will also think about
      what academic writing means.
      4 個視頻 (總計 37 分鐘), 2 個閱讀材料

      完成時間為 5 小時
      Critical Reading
      This week will concentrate on the skill of reading critically. Additionally, we will learn about the conventions of academic writing, including integrating evidence and schools of citation. Finally, you are encouraged to write your own critical review of "The Sweet Spot." This is an optional writing assignment, but it is a requirement to receive a honor's certificate.
      5 個視頻 (總計 93 分鐘), 4 個閱讀材料, 1 個測驗

      完成時間為 5 小時
      Project 1: Visual Analysis
      This week, the central topic is visual images in academic writing. The goal is to practice interpreting and writing about images convincingly. Plus, Dr. Comer will help you think about what area of inquiry you would like to focus on in this course and what it means to write a draft. Finally, you will write your visual analysis and learn how to give meaningful feedback.
      9 個視頻 (總計 87 分鐘), 4 個閱讀材料, 1 個測驗

      完成時間為 3 小時
      Revision Strategies and Visual Analysis Revision
      Based on the feedback of your colleagues improve your visual analysis. After you receive feedback on your final submission, submit a
      self-reflection quiz about your experience writing this project.
      4 個視頻 (總計 24 分鐘), 1 個閱讀材料, 2 個測驗

      完成時間為 5 小時
      Project 2: Case Study
      This week, various aspects of effective research will be discussed, such as creating an annotated bibliography, research strategies, and avoiding plagiarism. You will conduct research for your next project, a case study, contribute to an annotated bibliography, and submit your case study draft.
      6 個視頻 (總計 84 分鐘), 3 個閱讀材料, 1 個測驗

      完成時間為 3 小時
      Writing Cohesively and Case Study Revision
      In preparation for improving your case study, Professor Comer will present strategies of writing more cohesively. After receiving your final
      feedback, please submit a self-reflection about this project.
      3 個視頻 (總計 27 分鐘), 2 個閱讀材料, 2 個測驗

      完成時間為 4 小時
      Project 3: Op-Ed
      This week, Professor Comer introduces the idea of public scholarship, how academic writing can be transformed for a broader public. Her
      guest, David Jarmul, will give an overview of how to write an op-ed. You will then have the opportunity to write your own.
      6 個視頻 (總計 97 分鐘), 1 個閱讀材料, 1 個測驗

      完成時間為 3 小時
      Crafting Powerful Prose and Op-Ed Revision
      This week Professor Comer will address the topic of concise writing; how to convey meaning with fewer words. Your task is to rewrite your
      2 個視頻 (總計 18 分鐘), 1 個閱讀材料, 2 個測驗

      完成時間為 18 分鐘
      Transferring Writing Practices, Skills, and Knowledge to New Contexts
      This final week is dedicated to how to move forward with your writing and apply the skills learned in this course to new contexts. Your final
      assignment is a self-reflection about your development as a writer over the last several weeks.
      2 個視頻 (總計 16 分鐘), 1 個測驗

      完成時間為 3 小時
      Writing in the Humanities, Social Science, and Natural Sciences
      Additional videos that highlight differences in academic writing across disciplines.
      17 個視頻 (總計 157 分鐘)

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