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      Innovation and IT Management

      Learn key decision-making skills to better manage and implement IT and innovation in your workplace.





      4 周


      Information Technology (IT) changes the manner and scope in which businesses operate and compete. Innovations in IT have led some businesses to flourish, while others have faltered due to massive changes brought by this industry. IT is notoriously hard to manage. The challenge of managing IT is ensuring that the intended changes and innovations are realized, and the unintended ones are kept under control. This course will cover basic concepts of information technology management.

      As part of this course you will:

      See some brief videos
      Take pop quizzes
      Analyse cases
      Read relevant material
      Take assessments.
      This course is for you if you are:

      Using IT in your organisation
      Building or are planning to build IT-enabled products or services
      Exploring business innovations and want to know how IT can help
      Interested in understanding how organisations manage IT for innovating.
      This course is not overly technical. Detailed prior knowledge of computing technology is not required to take this course.


      Competing with IT

      Managing digital networks and security

      Making sense of the evolving IT landscape

      Developing software and managing projects

      Managing crowd innovation

      Social and ethical aspects of IT.


      Basic familiarity with IT use and terminology. Also, basic understanding of business and economics concepts.

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