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      Inspiring and Motivating Individuals

      本課程是Leading People and Teams專項課程的其中一門課程(共 5 門課程)





      19 小時

      • 中文, 英語, 俄語, 其他
      • 859


      In this course, you will learn how to create a shared vision for your team and effectively communicate it to your teammates. You will also learn how to set effective goals and expectations in a way that best enables your team to attain the shared vision. Finally, you will understand the most important needs and drivers of performance across cultures, and will learn to align rewards with desired behaviors so that your teammates are motivated to attain the team’s objectives.

      Motivation represents a crucial challenge for contemporary organizations: A recent Gallup poll revealed that only 13% of workers worldwide exhibit high levels of engagement and motivation. We will show you why these motivation problems are not simply due to a “bad” or “unmotivated” team member. Rather, motivation is very much driven by what work conditions we create for our teammates, how we structure goals and objectives, and how we reward people for the accomplishment of those goals. This course will help you diagnose and solve motivation problems so that you can bring out the best in your people.


      第 1 周 Becoming a Visionary Leader

      Visionary Leadership
      A Model for Creating and Communicating Your Vision
      A Checklist for Creating and Communicating Your Vision
      Application: Developing a Vision for Your Team
      The importance of non-verbals in communicating your vision
      Recap: Becoming a Visionary Leader
      Quiz: Strategies for visionary leadership

      第 2 周 Setting Effective Goals and Expectations

      Goal Setting and Performance
      SMART Goals
      Creating Goals that Drive Motivation
      Recap: Setting Effective Goals
      Quiz: Setting Effective Goals
      任務: Setting SMART Goals

      第 3 周 Understanding Human Needs and Drivers of Performance Across Cultures

      Drivers of Performance at Work
      Human Needs and Work Motivation
      Motivation Traps
      Recap: Drivers of Performance
      Quiz: Motivation and Drivers of Performance

      第 4 周 Aligning Rewards and Behavior

      Using Rewards and Feedback to Drive Behavior
      Effective Performance Appraisal
      Effective Feedback
      Recap: Aligning Rewards and Behaviors
      Quiz: Aligning Rewards and Behaviors
      任務: Seeking Feedback on Your Leadership

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